Case Study – Revolutionizing Plastic Recycling

Gallarus Drives Transformation with Cutting-Edge Data assessment on Optical Sorting


Optical Sorting company, a trailblazer in the realm of plastic recycling, stands on the cusp of an significant sustainability mission – raising the recyclability of post-use plastics from 10% to a staggering 90%. To bring this vision to life, client has embarked on an exciting journey, investing in advanced plastic feedstock processing assets. Yet, a critical piece of the puzzle remains: the selection of an exceptional premium optical sorter vendor, a pivotal element in the quest for efficient plastic sorting.

The Challenge

In the heart of client’s challenge lay the huge task of identifying the ultimate optical sorter vendor – a visionary capable of not only extracting and contextualizing crucial data but also validating it to precision. This decision carried monumental weight, with the realization that the selected vendor would sculpt the path to realizing their ambitious recycling aspirations for a worldwide impact.

The Gallarus Solution

Enter Gallarus Industry Solutions Limited, a paragon of Industry 4.0 innovation. Their collaboration with client transcended mere consultation; it was a symphony of expertise and insight. Working in tandem with company’s engineering, project management, and procurement teams, Gallarus led with a cutting-edge approach to ensure the optimal choice of optical sorter vendor.

The Power of Partnership

By forging this partnership with Gallarus, client gained access to specialized data and insdutry 4.0 expertise and a proven methodology for assessing optical sorter vendors. Gallarus orchestrated workshops, delved deep into engagements with three premier optical sorter vendors, and meticulously dissected the data to compose a comprehensive comparison matrix – the compass guiding the final selection.

Unveiling Project Objectives

Precision Through Data

Gallarus wielded their prowess for real-time data from optical sorter vendors, enabling client to make informed decisions grounded in accurate insights.

A Unified Vision

Gallarus created an Industry 4.0 Data Architecture using the Unified Namespace ecosystem, an innovation that paved the way for seamless data extraction, storage, and analysis.

Demystifying Excellence

The art of uncovering crucial process parameters was executed efficiently by Gallarus, ensuring that the chosen vendor surpassed performance thresholds.

Real-time Insight

Gallarus executed real-time data extraction and analysis, empowering company with the data needed to select the premium optical sorter vendor.

The Cost-Effectiveness Edge

Gallarus meticulously compared vendors, scrutinizing options and infrastructure requisites, safeguarding client’s investment value.

Key Benefits

The Power of Insight : Guided by Gallarus, client harnessed critical data, driving the selection of an optical sorter vendor that would turbocharge recycling efficiency.

Enhanced Recyclability : The right optical sorter vendor catapulted client closer to their dream of elevating plastic recyclability to a staggering 90%.

Efficiency : Gallarus’ meticulous comparisons enabled client to allocate resources strategically, allowing for cost-effective decisions.

Long-term Strategy : The data architecture implemented by Gallarus lays the foundation for scalable and future-proof Industry 4.0 deployments across the globe.


    Gallarus and Cyclyx stand at the crossroads of an innovation-powered transformation. This partnership not only entails choosing the ideal optical sorter vendor but also carving out a path to a greener, more sustainable world.

    With Gallarus’ unrivaled prowess in data analysis, architectural creation and vendor assessment, unified under the umbrella of a transformative Unified Namespace approach, the journey towards realizing Cyclyx’s mission of revolutionizing plastic recyclability surges forward.