About Us

Gallarus Industry Solutions Limited are the leading industry 4.0 integrator in Europe dedicated to digital transformation through the deployment of the Unified Namespace (UNS) ecosystem. 

The UNS provides the convergence of OT and IT in the most efficient and cost-effective manner unlike anything that has previously come before.  

It is currently the most powerful integration technology to emerge in this century as can be seen by the adoption of this technology by many Fortune 500 companies.  

Benefits that have been realised are large reduction in waste, increased productivity, energy saving, efficiency of resource deployment and focused capex investment. This is directly linked to the quality of the data realised providing information which is in turn used for intelligent decision making. 

Company Background  

Gallarus was founded in 2018 by John McKeon, as a technology driven Industry 4.0 integrator with innovative solutions at its core. John recognised the need for convergence between the IT and OT (Operational Technology) space as machines and systems took a long time in the industry 3.0 stack to integrate. There had to be a better way.  

Enter the Unified Namespace (UNS). The UNS is an Industry 4.0 integration method creating an ecosystem that provides the convergence of OT and IT in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, unlike anything that has previously come before. 

Our Strategy

Gallarus was created based on a long-term business strategy and not on the traditional organic win-and-grow approach, following a five-year business plan with significant investment.


We Identify best-in-class methodology, and technology to streamline project execution and value delivery based on the client’s needs. 

We have created technology alliances with providers and government agencies (Irish Government Manufacturing & Research Tiered Partner) 

We have created collaborative alliances with similar companies in strategic locations worldwide for easier project deployment. 

Our Team and Offices 

We operate with an agile PMO (Project Management Office) for waterfall and agile project deployment, delivering some of the fastest integration projects in the world. 

Key to this is our expert technical project team, where we created teams of SMEs in the form of SPEs (Special Purpose Engineers) and SPTs (Special Purpose Technicians). 

We have created a high-tech test laboratory to confirm technology capabilities for clients. It’s also a place where innovative ideas come to life. 

Our head office is located in Ireland with another location in Latvia. Further offices coming in other countries in 2024. 

    Our Clients

    We work with clients globally across the following sectors: Lifesciences, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Food & Beverage, Utilities and more.  

    We educate clients on a new scalable and cost-effective way of capturing and leveraging all data from the plant floor, connecting all elements of the business to a single source of truth, the Unified Namespace. 

    Why us?

    First of our kind 

    Gallarus is the first of its kind in Europe leading the industry 4.0 revolution with the implementation of the UNS. With years of experience and successful projects Gallarus is the market leader in IND 4.0 integration


    We have strategic collaborations with a number of world leading tech companies to enable us to deliver outstanding results using industry 4.0 solutions. 

    Global Reach  

    Gallarus are part of a global community of like-minded people who have now set up an alliance of companies to support and work together to ensure all our clients get the expertise and resources they need to complete their projects anywhere in the world.

    Competitive Pricing 

    With the most cost-effective solution on the market we and ongoing market intelligence Gallarus is positioned to offer competitive rates in all global locations 


    Gallarus highly experienced team of industry experts are recognized leaders in the most advanced innovations in complex technology, manufacturing, and facility design.

    Our Vision

    Our vision is to empower people with data to do their jobs better in a more efficient manner that’s beneficial to the company, the employees, their community, and the environment both locally and globally.

    ‘’Through little changes come great things, it’s all about the data’’

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to deliver Industry 4.0 solutions that help businesses stay ahead of the curve and achieve their goals through increased efficiency, improved productivity, and enhanced competitiveness. We create value for our clients by leveraging our expertise in Industry 4.0 technologies and delivering integrated solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. 

    Our Goal

    Our goal is to empower businesses to embrace change, harness the power of technology, and stay ahead of competitors in a rapidly evolving industrial landscape

    Our Core Values


    Colm Timmons

    Astellas – Engineering Facilities Manager

    ”I recently had the pleasure of working with the team from Gallarus Industry Solutions. The team impressed me with their exceptional problem-solving skills and innovative approach. From the very beginning, they demonstrated a clear understanding of the issue I presented to them, and their expertise was evident in the solutions they proposed and delivered as part for the engagement.

     What really set this company apart, however, was their ability to deliver solutions that not only creatively utilised cleverly deployed sensor technology but also harnessed and optimised existing system performance data. The resulting feedback allowed me to make informed decisions about the direction of my operations and helped me to optimize my processes in ways that I never thought possible.

     I am truly grateful for the partnership that I have developed with this company and would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a team that is committed to delivering top-notch results. They are knowledgeable, creative, and dedicated to ensuring the success of their clients by the deployment of UNS based technology. ”

    Igor Tomasevic

    Stada Group – Global Automation Leader

    “We are extremely pleased with the services provided by Gallarus. Their expertise in integrating our production processes with the latest Industry 4.0 technologies has been invaluable in improving our efficiency and productivity. They took the time to understand our unique needs and challenges, and worked closely with us to implement a tailored solution that exceeded our expectations.

    Thanks to Gallarus, we now have greater visibility into our operations, improved data accuracy, and better control over our manufacturing processes. We have presented this solution at the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) conference 2023 with excellent industry feedback.

    In summary, we highly recommend the Gallarus services to any company looking to improve their operations through Industry 4.0 integration.”