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Many organisations are struggling to maintain their competitive edge, increase production and improve management efficiency across the business. The emergence of Industry 4.0 enables organisations to gain the improvements cheaper, faster and better than ever before.

Smart, intelligent, autonomous systems have evolved from modern computer applications and robotics developments of the recent past. Taking all of the available data from those applications and enabling through new technologies creates exciting opportunities for businesses to perform more efficiently and effectively.

Some might still be unsure about how Industry 4.0 could help their business, or what impact new technology over legacy systems might entail. The reality of Industry 4.0 is; it is easier and cheaper to introduce significant improvements and can result in increased Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). The cost benefits may be seen across the business from supply chains to production and through to the end customer.

Custom Design

We design intelligent, creative and efficient solutions for our customers needs. We empower actionable intelligence, which empowers connectivity and control.

Highly Agile

Empowering interconnectivity and flexibility within management and control systems further enables agile management and production practices.

Industrial Cyber Security

Cybercriminals and those wishing to cause damage are often times pushing the boundaries in the pursuit of ill-gotten gains. We see this on a weekly basis.

Cost Effective

Leveraging the advantages and power of Industry 4.0 technologies and thinking enables creation and integration of new systems faster than ever before.

Custom Solution

Customers across many industries work with us to bring about custom solutions. We pride ourselves upon being able to help in many cases, across many industries.

Data Visualisation

We work closely with our customers to fully understand the true needs of the business, the existing data bottlenecks and the impacts associated with the problems.



Digital Printing

Data Visualisation

Production Systems

Predictive Maintenance

Edge Device Management

Data Lake Harvesting and Analytics





Packaging Systems

Process Optimisation

Machine State Validation

Legacy Systems Integration


Track & Trace

Edge Technology

IIOT Devices & Sensors

RFID (Passive & Active)

Management Visualisation



Machine Design

Print on Demand

Advanced Data Analytics

Industrial Cyber Security Solutions



Process Integration

Systems Innovation

Back-end Studies

Sensing as a Service

Legacy Systems Integration

Predictive Analytics (Maintenance & OEE)


Process Mapping

IIOT Integration

Edge Management

Project Management

Project Management

Advanced Data Analytics

Managed Industrial Cyber Security