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Make your factory data work for you


What is nucleus©

Nucleus 4.0© is an extremely powerful plug and play subscription software suite, that achieves Industry 4.0 efficiencies. Never before has a software suite combined to collect, analyse and learn from your factory, network and machine data. providing manufacturing solutions at a local and global site level.


Key Challenges

Today manufacturers struggle with a multitude of complex issues across production environments such as industry competition and a lack of accurate factory floor data. The lack of visibility makes it difficult to react in real time to constantly varying roadblocks. Beyond these roadblocks, production management are also dealing with rising quality demands, an inability to quickly respond to volatile market conditions to name but a few.

Nucleus 4.0© addresses the most common production challenges:
Manufacturers face reduced yield due to unplanned down time
Production cannot accurately plan down time due to lack of floor transparency and visualisation
 Smaller batch sizes have a significant impact on OEE
Operators struggle with integration point complexities
 Limited operational cost savings due to inefficiencies in design and integration.



As our world is becoming more and more integrated it has resulted in the traditional IT and OT infrastructures rapidly converging. The days of air-gapped systems are gone with the adaptation of IIoT devices and architecture merging with legacy builds. To capitalise and thrive in this new evolving environment we must change the way we integrate from a stacked structure of Industry 3.0 to a more flexible configurable modular approach of Industry 4.0.

Nucleus 4.0© has been conceptualised and designed to do just this as it is a combination of multiple technologies from multiple OEM’s united under one collective solution. Nucleus 4.0© offers cost-effective integration across all systems based on open configurable technology within a secure structure while capturing and interfacing legacy systems from any location.

Improve your production journey, yield and actual machine operating time with Nucleus 4.0©.


HoW IT Works

Never has a software suite come together that can collect, learn, and provide manufacturing solutions for you.

Reach out to our team of experts for a consultation on Nucleus 4.0© suite and understand the breadth of solution components offered. 

Nucleus 4.0© – Your Smart Factory Layer Subscription

COLLECT – Once activated, the solution seeks out your network of assets, collecting and gathering raw data in real time.

ANALYSE – Where data may previously have been siloed, you now can interpret the collected raw data and processing it in a universal way across your network of assets.

LEARN – Built in data analytics / AI & ML components will process the analysed data intelligence, driving actionable insights.

SOLUTION – Actionable solutions become available to drive efficiencies.

DECIDE – Make key production and business decisions based on solutions provided by Nucleus 4.0©

IMPLEMENT – Implement changes delivering production and operational efficiencies .

Your Smart Factory Layer Subscription



The real power behind Nucleus 4.0© is it allows you to pinpoint solutions to improve your production efficiency and supply chain.

Benefits include: 


Solve Maintenance, Line Clearance, Scrap, Quality & Production issues.


Make real time data collection and analysis easy.

Dramatically improve your OEE and supply chain by providing the right actionable solutions.

Avoid costly system integrations across different factory layers.

Avoid data hoarding by making knowledge sharing easy across all departments

Limit the impact on validation, with our easy plug and play solution providing electronic batch record capability.

Make smart factory decisions allowing you to deliver the right quality product at the right time to the right customer.

Achieving exponential benefit, and ease of interdepartmental knowledge sharing with one source of truth for all stakeholders: CEO/Director level, IT, Operations, Maintenance, Engineering, Quality, Health & Safety ,Supply Chain, Sales & Finance.

Nucleus 4.0© Solution Suite

Reach out to our team of experts, for a demo on Nucleus 4.0© suite.

Understand the breath of the solution components available.


Process Explained


Contact us to get your free 2-day technical assessment.

We deploy a configurable plug and play pilot subscription solution for one machine or line.

Our suite of software collects data, analyzes it, learns and provides you with actionable solutions over 6-8 weeks.

Start seeing your production efficiency improve reducing COT, UDT, PDT, Scrap & Costs for your Supply Chain.

Celebrate the Success with your team and us!

Now move to more machines and lines to help your factory further embrace the Industry 4.0 evolution.

Nucleus 4.0 Process


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