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Smart Factory Solutions for IT, OT & Integration



Let us bring the Industry 4.0 evolution to you.

Gallarus deliver enterprise best in class – Industry 4.0 solutions. We deliver integrations across IT and OT environments under one holistic approach, providing intelligent machines and systems across the factory ecosystem.

The typical integrator or distributor deliver projects built using an Industry 3.0 business model where they are wedded to specific vendor products and furthermore managing a complexity of systems.

To successfully execute Industry 4.0 projects, end-users need to work with a systems architect that can apply best in class solutions based on requirements understood and have an Industry 4.0 mindset.

Our solution components allow for open architecture with protocols such as MQTT and OPC-UA.

Our Core ProducTS


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Today manufacturers struggle with a multitude of complex issues across production environments such as industry competition and a lack of accurate factory floor data. All factories need accurate, actionable and intelligent information to drive key decisions.

To capitalise and thrive in this new evolving environment we must change the way we integrate from Industry 3.0 to a more flexible configurable modular approach which is within the current space and time of Industry 4.0 and allows for expansion.

Nucleus 4.0© offers cost-effective integration across all systems based on configurable technology within a secure structure while capturing and interfacing legacy systems from any location. Start the transformation and improve your machine operating time, production, OEE and yield.


We are driven by our established Core Values


INNOVATION: is the beating heart of Gallarus. We have created a work environment where people are free to think outside the box, try new things and push the boundaries. We thrive on the challenge of solving problems and continuously improving processes and ways of working. We shine at developing original solutions to known issues. We just think differently, it is what makes us happy!


LEADERSHIP: We want to shape a better future for all who engage with us. We champion courage to break down barriers and build a new vision. Do not be afraid to contribute, your opinion counts! We are especially proud to engage with people who inspire us and those around them, raising us all up to new levels.


DIVERSITY: We recognise differences, in ideas, strengths and opinions. We are interested in each person’s individuality and believe in what they have to offer. We encourage our people to be real with each other while remaining tolerant, respectful, and accepting of our differences. You will hear laughter, humour and people enjoying their working lives, all the time working towards achieving the company goals.


INTEGRITY: We are honest, real, ethical, and genuine. They are the defining qualities in our work and in our people. We take full responsibility for the work we do and in our ability to deliver new, original and innovative solutions. We will continuously strive to do the right thing by everyone, being transparent and meaningful always.


COMMITMENT: We are committed to the people around us, our team, our customers and our partners. Our mission is to create symbiotic relationships with those people, where each party gets to celebrate the mutual wins.

Our Team of Experts


Gallarus helps organisations enter the age of industry 4.0

With our diversity of cross functional inhouse subject matter specialists and our machine building facility we’ve got it all. We will handle your projects from start to finish, from initial concept right through to installation and aftercare service support.
As two of our core company values, Leadership and Innovation shine through in our approach to projects. We enjoy a new challenge and pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of the latest technologies and trends, rising as a united team to the challenges each project has presented, in our diverse portfolio of completed work.
Our range of world class subject matter expertise allow us to deliver solutions and services across different specialties and project requirements, delivering increased control, visibility and significant operational efficiencies.