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Gallarus Industry Solutions Limited are the leading industry 4.0 integrator in Europe dedicated to digital transformation through the deployment of the Unified Namespace (UNS) ecosystem.

The UNS provides the convergence of OT and IT in the most efficient and cost-effective manner unlike anything that has previously come before. It is currently the most powerful integration technology to emerge in this century as can be seen by the adoption of this technology by many Fortune 500 companies.  

Benefits that have been realised are reduction in waste, increased productivity, energy saving, efficiency of resource deployment and focused capex investment. This is directly linked to the quality of the data realised providing information which is in turn used for intelligent decision making. 


Our vision is to empower people with data to do their jobs better in a more efficient manner that’s beneficial to the company, the employees, their community, and the environment both locally and globally.  

‘’Through little changes come great things, it’s all about the data’’ 



Gallarus provide Intelligent Machine, IT & OT solutions that make smart decisions easy for you.

We combine the key principles of Industry 4.0 to deploy Pharma 4.0 best in class solutions that address the evolving Life Science environment and production challenges. This delivers exponential benefits in the form of cost saving, quality enhancement and OEE efficiencies.


Gallarus deliver enterprise best in class – Industry 4.0 solutions. We deliver integrations across IT and OT environments under one holistic approach, providing intelligent machines and systems across the factory ecosystem.


Gallarus deliver industry innovative solutions. We deliver outside-the-box ideas and solutions for any gap in industry. Innovation comes from a real understanding of the customer challenges presented, allowing for abstract but excellent innovative solutions.


Gallarus carry out Digital Transformation Maturity Assessments (DTMA) to deliver in-depth analyses for your digital roadmap journey to industry 4.0. This provides you with the necessary steps to be taken in digitizing your facility and systems.


Gallarus provides technology and knowhow that connects the plant floor equipment, production process and business IT applications at all levels into a unified ecosystem that saves the business time and money. We call this Nucleus 4.0


We have the technology that replaces months of manual data science with AI-driven processing. Models and insights are delivered within minutes instead of weeks compared to manual executed projects.



We can create an exact 3D live digital twin of your facility be it your home, office, factory or even a whole city which gives you access to all your data to see and monitor in real-time via a customizable interface.